Prime Rib Productions in Los Angeles offers high quality ADR and audio mixing/processing services for film/television production companies as well as voiceover artists, audio book publications and e-learning production companies. State of the art EdiPrompt prompting software incorporated in a Pro Tools DAW results in picture perfect sync – everytime.

Recording ADR requires special equipment and skills – Prime Rib Productions is well equipped for the challenge – all at a rate that will fit the budget of today’s independent filmmakers.

Capturing each take properly is a vital part of the ADR process, but so is getting the recorded dialogue to match, as closely as possible, the sound of the dialogue being replaced.

Prime Rib Productions offers the choice of 3 different boom microphones (Sennheiser MKH-50, Sennheiser 416 and Schoeps CMC5-41) to help with this task. Alongside the industry standard lavalier/lapel mic (Sanken C0S-11D) and, as an additional choice, a large diaphragm condenser mic (Neumann U87ai, Rode NT-2000), we make sure your sound editor has the best options to match your production sound.

Experienced ADR recordist and engineer Philip Rohr has developed a workflow that enures the smoothest sessions possible, and his professional yet relaxed attitue creates a comfortable atmosphere that aids creativity and brings out the best in your actors.


Retrofit Films
Multinesia Productions
Braille Institute
Dr. George Shannon
Virtual Foundation Seminars
The Soussana Group
Running Press
Expanded Books
Stockdale Sound
All Voices International
Susan Youngblood
Wave Music
Nyee Moses
Strategic Marketing
Victor House Films
Mission Paving
Dr. Farnaz Gaminchi MD
Prime Time Shuttle
Artistry in Sound
Daniel Zirilli
The Wallagans
National Geographic
Michael Zenn
Healing Conflict
Michael Rosenblum
Pamela Dunlap
Crossing Point – US
All Is Vanity – US
Underground – AUS
Please Like Me – AUS
Wentworth – AUS
Secret City – AUS
Bad Girl – AUS
Wanted – AUS
Defector – AUS
Luke and Luke – AUS
Joe Cinque’s Consolation – AUS
Machine Impossible – Singapore
Extreme Weather – US
Beautiful Love Dark – US
Rusty Rivets – CAN/FRANCE
The Death and Life of Otto Bloom
Ali’s Wedding – AUS
Offspring – AUS
Wanted – AUS
Quinn Cummings
Yi LIn
We’re Rolling Productions
HighBridge Audio
Bobby Owsinski
Rising Falcon Productions
Elsewhere Works LLC
Lynna Yee
Lucinda Williams
Portia de Rossi
Domenic Purcell
Viva Bianca
Lucy Fry
Ben Lawson
Tony Frassrand
Vision Global
Brice Productions
John Runette
Damon Herriman
See Saw Films
Robert Boog
Bruce Mann
Nick Holmes
Tim Powell
Don Leslie
Tony Cahill
Jamie Irvine
Damon Herriman
Jessica Rau
The Wrong Girl – AUS
House Husbands – AUS
Blunt Force – AUS
Cesar Recruit Asia – Singapore
Dance Off – US
Glitch – AUS
Dance Academy the Movie – AUS
Monsier Mayonnaise – US/GERMANY
The Quad – US
Riptide – AUS
Devil’s Whisper – US
PJ Masks – CAN
Stuck – AUS
Indifferent Women – AUS
Mustangs SC – AUS

Movie/TV Productions:

Seven Giant Waves – US
Haku Inoa – US
Freefall – US
The Road to Empire – US
The Soundtracker – US
A Night with Roger McAlistair – UK
Boy Toy – US
Finding Neighbors – US
Now Add Honey – AUS
Platinum – US
Cassidy Way – US
Turkey Shoot – AUS
Mr. & Mrs. Murder – AUS
Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries – AUS
The Incredible Journer of Oscar
Berger – US
Miseducation – AUS
Dubai Duty Free – US/India
Ken Mitchell
Henry Nixon
The Embrace
Cesar Milan
Philippe Mora
Josh Mann
Coca Cola
Amber Clayton
Adrian Brody
Amazing Grace
Cariba Heine
Whitmore – AUS
Bright Ideas – US
Rosehaven – AUS
Safe Harbour – AUS
Legend of Monkey – NZ
Sisters – AUS
Scott Bailey – AUS
Tell The World – US/AUS
The Kettering Incident – AUS
The Tribe – US
Umindian – AUS
Madeline’s Madeline – US
Like You Mean It – US
Manhattan Night – US
Looking for Grace – – AUS
Riot – AUS
Bluey – AUS
Wheels – AUS
Celeste – AUS
Home and Away – AUS

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