Experienced operation, top quality equipment and an acoustically controlled environment combine to create a setting for our clients to create.
Control Room
Control Room

Suitable for almost any type of recording, the nerve center of Prime Rib Productions is the large, comfortable Control Room. Here the rack gear, computer, monitors and engineer share the space with the arsenal of instruments and the control room sofa.

Predominantly recording in ProTools, there is plenty of space when working closely with clients in editing or mixdown. A super quiet AC unit keeps the room temperature under control – even when all the heat producing gear is on.

Tracking Room
Tracking Room

At 8ft x 12 ft with high ceilings, the tracking room provides enough space for recording a full drum kit or a string quartet, and is more than enough space for vocals, guitars, basses and most acoustic instruments.


A large selection of vintage electric and acoustic guitars – as well as some newer ones, are here to be used. They are provided at no additional charge.


Over 17 different bass instruments to choose from.


Every voice and instrument is different – so having a choice of quality microphones is an absolute necessity when recording. Prime Rib Productions has the right mic for just about every occasion.


Only top of the line microphone preamps, equalizers and compressors are used here at Prime Rib Productions – a truly “Boutique” recording studio.

Control Surface
Control Surface/Monitors

Seamless integration of ProTools recording software and Avid’s Mix and Control Surfaces make for a smooth efficient workflow. A choice of monitor speakers for “A/B-ing” makes perfecting the mix that much easier.

Hear Our Work

Hear Our Work



Recording & Mixing Clients

Jazmin Zane
Rich Livengood
Danielle Stori
Rob Shapiro
Arnell Pablo
Evan Mobely
Fumi Bankole
Lisa Walsh
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Too Fresh
Tamboura Baptiste
Chris Edwards
Miranda Frigon
Gary Stockdale
Gina Acuna

Vinyl Soul
Erin Alden
Willie Ames
Anthony Brogdon
Tamboura Baptiste
Mike Casey
Willie Ames
Jordan Reimer
Ant B
Anthony Arcos
LaMont Wheat
Darren Marc
The River Y
Deathsquad Demigods
LorE Denizen Project

Zach Lupetin and the Dustbowl Revival
The Velvet Collar
Tomas O’Grady
Landon Ouyang
Black Heart Militia
Travis Botts
Geordie McElroy
Blackwater Jukebox
Wicklow Atwater and the Fallen Flame
String Band
Royal Heartz
Chris Cenci
Kyle Britton

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