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ADR/VO Recording

Prime Rib Productions in Los Angeles offers industry standard quality ADR/VO recording and mixing/processing services for film/television production companies as well as voiceover artists, audiobook publications and e-learning production companies.


Recording ADR requires special equipment and skills - Prime Rib Productions is well equipped for the challenge - all at a rate that will fit the budget of today's independent filmmakers. 

Capturing each take properly is a vital part of the ADR process, but so is getting the recorded dialogue to match, as closely as possible, the sound of the dialogue being replaced.

We offer a choice of 3 different boom microphones (Sennheiser MKH-50, Sennheiser 416 and Schoeps CMC5-41) to help with the task. Alongside the industry standard lavalier/lapel mic (Sanken C0S-11), we make sure your sound editor has the best options to match your production sound.

Experienced ADR recordist and engineer Philip Rohr has developed a workflow the ensures the smoothest sessions possible using Pro Tools and Sound'n Sync's EdiPrompt, and his professional, yet relaxed, attitude creates a comfortable atmosphere that aids creativity and brings out the best in the talent.

ADR Lead Shot 3_edited.jpg
ADR_Mics 2_edited.jpg

Voiceover Recording

Offering a choice of microphones (Neumann U87ai, Rode NT2000, Shure SM7b and more) along with professional quality hardware microphone preamps, compressors and EQs, we'll make sure your VO and audiobook recordings stand up to the most rigorous standards.

We have provided recorded audio for TV, film VOG, audiobooks, audio plays as well as radio ads, automated telephone answering services and voice recognition software companies.

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